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How to Buy the BBQ That's Right for You 

It could be time to replace your decrepit old grill, buy your first, or even (lucky you) upgrade to a top-of-the-line model that matches your fantastic new backyard.  Whatever the reason you’re thinking of buying, learning some basic terminology will help you get the barbecue that’s right for you.

Warranty:  Any quality product that you invest in should offer a comprehensive warranty, and barbecues are no different.  Look for a lifetime warranty on the oven casting at least five years on the burner and two years on everything else.  However, a warranty is only as good as the company behind it.  Ask your Do it Best dealer who will be around for service after the warranty period.

Casting:  The thicker the better it will retain heat longer.  Look for one piece or molded construction.  Fewer seams means fewer leaks and better performance.

Burners:  The best burners of all are made of stainless steel.  They provide quick, even heat and years of performance.  To cook food evenly burners should be as big as possible to match the size of the “cook box.”

Side burners:  Offering flexible, convenient cooking, they are great for doing stir-fry and deep-fried dishes even when you’re not grilling – keeping the heat and smells out of your house. 

Heat media:  Usually provided in the form of ceramic briquette or a steel plate, the media vaporize juices to create smoke and great barbecue flavor.  They also help control flare-ups and provide even heat.  Both varieties work, but steel is easier to maintain and clean.  Avoid vaporizers with flat spots that can hold grease and cause flare-ups.

Cooking grids:  Heavier grids hold heat longer, allowing you to impress your guests with “steakhouse-style” grill marks!  Porcelain coated grills provide easy cleanup.

Heat control:  Good barbecues offer controls with infinite heat settings, allowing you precise temperature control instead of just low, medium, and high. 

Rear rotisserie burners:  A must if you’re considering getting a spit (and you really should –there is nothing quite as impressive or more tender than  meat cooked in a rotisserie.)  Rear burners provide indirect heat and eliminate flare-ups (the bane of spit-cookers everywhere.)

Construction:  We’ve all seen the “barbecue wobble” – cheap, and falling apart.  Many imported models are built for appearance with little thought to practical performance.  Top quality barbecues may cost a bit more; however, over the long term what you will save is your time and a lot of aggravation!

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