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Installing a Towel Bar

 Minor fixtures in the bathroom require careful thought as to the sensible placement of important items; such as robe hooks, towel bars, and the all-important toilet tissue holder.

    Keep in mind that towel bars should be within easy reach of the tub or shower. There should also be enough hooks and rings to dry them after use.

Don’t install towel holders where they might block electric heaters.

Keep “style” in mind. Chrome, brass, and white are the predominant colors of bathroom accessories. To avoid mismatches when replacing a few old accessories, consider mixed colors and finishes that will work with the overall decor. You’ll avoid being tied to just one color.


Wet towels are heavy, so towel bars must be securely attached to the wall. If possible, fasten them through the wall into studs. A stud sensor would be helpful for this task. If the studs are not at ideal locations use toggle bolts, or similar cavity fasteners, for maximum strength. When mounting on a ceramic tile wall, it may be necessary to drill through the tiles to insert the fasteners. Use a specialized drill bit intended for this purpose.

1. Most fixtures need a mounting plate or bracket attached to the wall first. If it is not indicated, check the fixture to verify which way is up.

2. Most towel bars and tissue holders need two brackets attached to the wall. First attach one bracket, then use a level to help position the second. It may be necessary to test assemble the holder to obtain the correct spacing between brackets. If placed on tile, the grout line can be your horizontal guide.

3. In most units, the bar support slides over the mounting bracket and is secured in place by a set screw located underneath. Before tightening the screw, insert the bar between the support.


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