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Frozen Pipes

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If your pipes freeze, the first thing you should do is to shut off the water supply and open a faucet nearest to the frozen pipes. Now, if you don't know where exactly the frozen blockage is, and the suspected pipes are exposed, you can do a simple test to check. Run a moist rag along the length of pipe - frost will form on the frozen section. Once the frozen section is identified, warm the pipe with a hair dryer - starting on the end nearest the faucet and advancing the dryer along the pipe about a foot per minute. Hold the hair dryer about six inches from the pipe and wave it back and forth to heat the pipe evenly. This method can even be used to heat frozen pipes that AREN'T exposed - but are in walls.

If the pipes have frozen because your electricity is out, the best option is to shut off the water supply and wait for the electricity to be restored. Chances are, when the power comes back on and heat returns, the frozen pipes will thaw by themselves.

Steps can also be taken to PREVENT pipes from freezing. Allow a small amount of water to trickle down from faucets near pipes that are vulnerable to freezing. The movement of the running water will prevent ice from forming.


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