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How To Unclog a Toilet

Clearing toilet clogs should be approached in a similar way to clearing pipe clogs - plunge first. If plunging dislodges the clog, any extra water remaining in the bowl should drain down to a normal level. This can be tested by pouring in a bucket of water. NEVER flush the toilet before testing that the clog is cleared - because, if it isn't, the toilet could flood the bathroom. If it seems to be draining properly, flush it a few times to make sure that the debris is completely washed down.

Now, if plunging doesn't clear the clog, you should use a closet auger. It's specifically designed to clear traps in toilets - and it already has a bend in it to match the first curve of the trap. Using a closet auger is similar to using a snake for straight pipes. Once the clog is broken up, test the drainage with a bucket of water - before flushing.


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