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Replacing Plugs

An easy do-it-yourself repair is replacing plugs. The ends of cords can be easily damaged and it's important that they be repaired properly. Most cord ends these days are molded plastic which require cutting off the damaged portion and then attaching the replacement. Start by stripping about three quarters of an inch off the ends of the two wires. If the wires appear frayed, twist the strands together tightly. Now, the wires need to be attached to the replacement plug. Attach the wire with the ridge to the silver, neutral terminal. Then attach the other wire to the opposite terminal. The final step is to work the cover back down onto the cord.

If you have a ground plug, follow the same procedure - but you will have three wires to work with. Cut off the old plug and strip the ends of the wire. If the cord has an outer sheathing of insulation, strip back about an inch and a half of the insulation with a utility knife and cut it off. This reveals the three wires inside. Working one by one, strip about three quarters of an inch off of each wire. Now, feed the cord through the plug from the back and then connect the wires. The green wire goes to the green screw. The white wire goes on the silver terminal, and the black wire goes around the brass screw. With all of the wires securely attached, put the cover over the plug and screw down the cable clamps.


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