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How to Select the Right Paint Quality

Like many products, paint comes in three grades: good, better and best. With paint, the difference in grades is created by the amount and quality of the raw materials that are used. For example, Do it Best quality paints contain higher quality pigments and resins and larger amounts of them than lower grade paints. Also, higher grade paints contain less solvent. In latex paints, the solvent is water; in oil or alkyd paints, the solvent is paint thinner. The solvent in the paint simply evaporates as the paint dries. So, as a rule of thumb, remember, better quality paints contain more solids and less solvents. Less expensive paints contain less solids and more solvent. With the "best" grade paints, you will see a larger color selection, better protection, durability, and a thicker paint film which gives better one-coat coverage. Remember though, there's nothing wrong with the lower quality paints. They are good economical choices for a variety of general uses.


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