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Multiple Coat Peeling

(Full Screen Graphic - Multi-Coat Peeling)

Nearly all the cases of multi-coat peeling are caused by excessive moisture. This moisture accumulates in houses from clothes dryers, washers, humidifiers, cooking, even our own breathing. If the house does not have adequate ventilation, this moisture will pass through the walls and literally push the paint off of the substrate. The only way to take care of a multi-coat peeling problem is to scrape off all of the paint and start over with the bare wood. Next, you need to prepare the surface by lightly sanding it then priming it. A good alkyd primer is recommended. After the surface has been primed, it's ready for a topcoat of paint. Now, so far, we've just looked at how to solve the problem with paint. Don't forget... if moisture is the problem... you still need to locate the source of the water and correct it as well. On exterior surfaces, here are some things that may help. Use exhaust fans in kitchens and baths to reduce moisture laden air. Provide outside vents for clothes dryers. And, check gable-end vents to make sure they working properly and that there capacity is adequate for the size of the area being ventilated.


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