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Big Changes in a Small Room


Remodeling a bathroom is a major undertaking, but done properly, it adds to the resale value of your home. Some friendly advice on how you can do it yourself:

1. proper planning

Take a good look at the bathroom. What do you like? Dislike? Once you have determined what needs improvement, prepare a scale drawing of the existing room. Indicate windows and doors and which way they open. Use the plan to determine placement of fixtures and other items in order to utilize space efficiently.

2. proper budgeting

Have a firm idea of what you are prepared to spend. Plan for a minimum of $1,200 on a complete bathroom makeover if you do all the work yourself. For the D-I-Yer, this is an excellent investment; generally speaking, overall property value continues to appreciate the longer you live in your home, hence the greater the return on the investment. If a contractor is doing the work, don’t be intimidated; determine a realistic budget, and stick to it.

3. proper execution

It’s the smallest room in the house, but the decisions can seem endless which can make the challenge tougher. Pay attention to the details, including the ones you can’t see.
  • Is there mold or damp that might entail a more in-depth repair?
  • Does the plumbing need upgrading?
  • What about the fixtures? Bathtub vs. shower vs. whirlpool? Vanity or pedestal? What color?
  • Brass or chrome for the taps?
  • Doors or curtains on the shower?
  • Window treatment?
  • Storage space?
  • What about floor and walls? Tile? Paint? Wallpaper?
  • Don’t forget maintenance.
    Answer all the questions beforehand, and you’ll end up with the bathroom you want on a budget you can afford.


    In a makeover, you will probably be able to use existing plumbing. Now is your chance, however, to do any necessary upgrades, such as replacing lead or galvanized pipe with copper, CFVC or polybutylene. You will likely use existing drainage and supply pipe feeds, but don’t be restricted by them. Today’s D-I-Yer is at an advantage: standardized fittings along with PVC and ABS pipe have made plumbing a simpler procedure.

    While drainage or waste pipes, and supply/pressure pipes perform very different functions, they do have one thing in common: they must be properly joined or sealed and securely fastened.

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