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Quick and Easy:  Installing a recessed soap or paper holder into an existing ceramic tile wall

Recessed soap and paper holders are often more suitable in the bathroom and tub enclosures since they don’t protrude into the room as do surface mounted accessories.  Although they are a little more time consuming to install, the Dremel MultiPro Rotary Tool along with a grout kit makes it a quick and easy project or repair. 

The grout removal attachment includes a multiple slide depth adjustment, grout line guides and excellent cutting visibility.  This accessory is ideal for replacing wall and floor grout, or to remove old grout in order to replace broken tiles.  The 30 degree working angle makes it easy to hold and control.  Two different sized guides on the reversible base help to keep the tool centered between the tiles.  A depth adjustment range of ½ inch allows for the removal of grout up to 3/8 inch below the tile surface.  The solid carbide tile cutting bit is used with a cutting guide, which allows for maximum visibility and stead, controlled cuts. 


  • Kitchen and bath silicone
  • Masking tape
  • Paper holder, recessed mount
  • Soap dish, recessed mount

Tool kit

  • Dremel MultiPro Rotary Tool Kit
  • Grout removal kit
  • Grout removal bits 1/16” and 1/8”
  • Tile cutting bit
  • Measuring tape caulking gun


  1. Choose an ideal location, and mark the position on the wall (5 inch x 5 inch) for your cutout.  Use masking tape to define your cut line.  Use the bit appropriate for the width of the grout line.  Set the bit to a depth equal to the thickness of the tile.  Some of our lines corresponded with the grout lines.  After adjusting the base to achieve the desired depth, remove the grout with the grout removal attachment.  Make sure to read the operating safety instructions, which include wearing appropriate eye protection and a dust mask. 
  2. Set the cutting bit mounting accessory to the appropriate depth.  Using the tile cutting bit to cut out the remaining tile pieces, leaving a hole suitable to receive the paper holder.
  3. Apply a 3/8 inch bead of silicone bathtub sealant around the back edge of the paper holder, and set it into the existing opening.  Secure it in place with masking tape if necessary.  Remove any excess silicon immediately before it cures.
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