10 Dorm Organization Tips

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So your son or daughter is moving out for the first time, on to the brave new world we call college. Notice that it’s “brave” new world, not necessarily “big.” That’s right – that awesome dorm room they raved about during orientation seems pretty small once you start thinking about how much stuff a teenager (and their roommate) is going to try to put in that space. That means they’ll have to maximize every square inch in order to keep all the essentials – and more likely than not, non-essentials – close by.

Of course, that’s where you come in with the solutions, right after reading through this handy list of 10 space-saving and room-organizing ideas.

1) Build up
In a small space, you need to take advantage of all the vertical room you have. Hutches above desks and dressers, additional shelving, or even using 3M hooks to get things up off the floor can help maximize your space.

2) Use bed risers
Some dorms will have the beds already lofted with space underneath but if not, don’t waste space having your bed on the floor. Risers are fairly inexpensive and can gain you quite a bit of room for under-bed storage boxes.

3) Use stackable storage
While useful at home or the garage, big totes and boxes can be too bulky and take up too much space in a dorm or small apartment closet. Try and find stackable boxes or shelves, or even units with multiple drawers. It’ll keep things more organized, too.

4) Commands are your friend…
Command strips, that is. There are a ton of different varieties, but these hooks from 3M hold a surprising amount of weight and can be mounted virtually anywhere. They also aren’t likely to damage walls when it’s time to take things down after the semester.

5) Have plenty of baskets
Small wire baskets and caddies can help organize like items for easy storage and retrieval. One for cleaning supplies, another for school/office items, books, etc. You can always find a variety of sizes to match the space it needs to fit in.

6) Get a whiteboard
Whiteboards are infinitely useful, especially for a new student trying to juggle an unfamiliar schedule. Hang one on the wall, door, or above the desk and it’ll help them keep life a little more organized.

7) Use shoe racks for more than shoes
Over-the-door shoe racks – especially the kind with a dozen or more pockets - can be used to hold any number of things from scarves to jewelry to cosmetics to, well, shoes. Either way, those extra pockets are built-in organizers that can be really helpful.

8) Use the entire closet
You can organize your clothes all you want, but many times you’ll leave some wasted space below. No more – use a small floor organizer with shelves to organize small shoes, boxes, bins, or more.

9) Keep cords organized
It’s 2016, and there are dozens of things in a dorm room that require a cord. Use paper clips for cord management, colored tabs to organize them on a power strip, or even a creative box to keep them all straight.

10)  Get creative
Our Pinterest page is full of useful tips, hacks, and tricks – go check it out before you pack up and move them out!

Check out our special dorm organization page and be sure to pick up everything you need here at doitbest.com.

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