20 Delicious Grilling Tips




1) Prepare your cut properly – pound out the thicker sections so the pieces are similar in thickness; this helps everything cook more evenly

2) Coat your chicken with a strong spice to enhance the flavor before throwing it on the grill

3) Grill it over indirect heat – it’ll cook slower, gentler, and more evenly…

4) …but finish it over direct heat for 5 minutes to carmelize whatever glaze you’ve used

5) Choose ground buffalo, if you can, for fewer calories and 90% less saturated fat than lean beef

6) Add some extra-virgin olive oil to keep burgers juicy

7) Grill over high heat to keep burgers from drying out

8) Toast the buns to add a crunch, some extra flavor, and a gourmet touch

9) Slice or score the meat slightly when preparing it; this helps the marinade soak in

10) Add a little salt after taking it out of the marinade and right before you put it on the grill

11) After grilling, let it set for a few minutes to keep it tender

12) Buy good steak! Flank steak has 30% less saturated fat than sirloin

13) Go with salmon – it’s got the best flavor of just about any commonly available seafood and holds up on the grill

14) Buy skinless filets since the skin won’t be in contact with the grill anyway

15) Grill on cedar planks, and let the wood smoke add to the flavor

16) Keep the lid on the grill shut; this helps the wood smoke infuse the salmon with flavor

17) Start with a variety – mix in corn, peppers, even avocado

18) Coat with olive oil, salt, and pepper

19) Set the heat to high and let pieces brown and blacken

20) Pay close attention, as some veggies will cook quicker than others 

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