5 Rain Barrel Benefits

Rain Barrel

5 Rain Barrel Benefits

1) Using it to water your lawn & garden can give you better looking landscaping. Rain water doesn’t have all the chlorine and fluoride that water from the tap does, and those chemicals can be tough on plants. It’s highly oxygenated, and makes plants stronger and healthier.

2) Storing rain water keeps you prepared for droughts or water restrictions. In many parts of the country, droughts and subsequent water restrictions are a serious problem. Having water stored up can keep your lawn and garden healthy in those dry times. Even in places where it isn’t an issue, storing and using rainwater can save big on water bills.

3) Collecting rainwater can stop runoff pollution. Rainwater runoff can pick up soil, fertilizer, oil, and pesticides and transport them all over. If you’re storing some of this rainwater before it reaches the ground, it can slow down some of the potential pollution in your yard. You’ll also help slow down soil erosion as well.

4) It’s great for washing vehicles. Since rainwater doesn’t have the chemicals and salt that tap water typically does, it’s easier on your vehicle if you’re cleaning it up at home. It’s also typically safe for pets if your pooch needs a bath too.

5) You can reduce your water bill. Some have reported saving up to 1,300 gallons of water during the growing season by using stored rainwater rather than getting it from the spigot. 

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