Worx Aerocart

As a homeowner, you're doing a variety of yard work on a weekly or even daily basis. Perhaps it's adding flowers or mulch to a flower bed, moving new pavers around the house to the back patio, or even just doing basic cleanup of weeds and debris. There's one tool that can make those regular jobs easier, and that tool is the Worx Aerocart.

It's an 8-In-1 wheelbarrow, garden cart and dolly so it's got pretty much every job covered. It's the right size for most everyday tasks with a 4 cu. ft. bed and 300-lb. weight capacity. Its flat-free, 2-wheel design makes balancing heavy loads easier and helps you roll over uneven ground. Additional features include:
- flower pot strap
- cylinder holder
- bag holder
- rock holder strap

If that's not enough, there are even more accessories available, including a firewood carrier, snow plow blade, even a kit to turn the Aerocart into a 4-wheel wagon. It's simply the most versatile lawn & garden tool on the market and it's found right here at doitbest.com!

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