Canning 101

Canning 101

If you're considering canning and preserving your own food, chances are you're a little overwhelmed by the process. Finding the equipment and getting the steps down may seem difficult at first, but we've got your back.

We've compiled some simple canning benefits to encourage your new hobby and combined those with detailed canning guides from our friends at Ball to help you get started!

It's good for the environment
Growing and then preserving your own food allows you to be both the producer and consumer of the food. This eliminates all the processes involved with producing, packaging, and buying food from a store.

It reduces waste
If you have a garden, you know that you often end up with more food than you can use at once. Canning allows you to preserve the extras - safely - for months.

It can benefit others
When you do end up with all that extra food, canning allows you to preserve it and give to friends or family to enjoy. That way, they can get the fresh, healthy food they want and you preserve more of what you harvest.

It saves money
Buying fresh, organic food at the grocery store is expensive - it's the one major drawback of healthy food, right? Growing your own can seriously reduce that cost. There's an initial cost in buying the supplies, but the amount of food you save ends up costing far less than it would to buy the same amount in a store.

It tastes good, and makes you feel good
Who doesn't like fresh food that you've grown and preserved yourself? Give yourself a pat on the back for becoming self-sufficient too. You can enjoy your food knowing that you grew it, harvested it, and preserved it.

You can find all the canning supplies you need in our canning category on Then, be sure to check out the complete canning guides from Ball and get started canning and preserving today!

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