Chamberlain Buying Guide


How do I know which garage door opener I need?

Get the garage door opener that is right for you! Our buying guide will walk you through every aspect of a garage door opener to help narrow down what type of opener you need to fit your budget and lifestyle.

1. Drive System

This is the system that pulls the door open or pushes the door shut. It’s a motor that drives a trolley along a rail.

Chain Drive

Chain Drive- Like your bicycle this system uses a chain to hoist your garage door open and shut. They are noisier, but heavy-duty, budget-friendly, durable and dependable. Work great for aluminum doors.

Belt Drive

Belt Drive- Works like the chain-drive system but uses a steel-reinforced rubber belt instead. It has a smooth operation and is ultra-quiet, ideal for garages next to bedrooms.

2. Lift Power

How many horses are needed to lift your garage? The higher horse power (lifting power) your motor can supply, the less work it will have to do, allowing your opener to last longer.

Wood Garage Doors

Max Lift Power- is 1 ¼ HPS. This type of motor is good for people who live in areas of extreme weather, heavier and one-piece doors will benefit from a motor with this kind of horsepower.

Teenage Driver

Plus Lift Power- ¾ HPS. Are you always on the go? Do you have multiple drivers living in the house? This kind of motor is great for heavily used garages. It can help prevent against excessive wear and tear.

Standard Door

Med Lift Power- ½ HPS. Use this kind of motor for standard, sectional aluminum doors.

3. Smart Garage


Openers with built-in WiFi, can be connected to your smart phone enabling you to open and close your garage from anywhere. By downloading the myQ app, you can set schedules, track activity, and allow access, all from your phone! You can even set alerts to notify you when you accidentally leave the door open for a specific amount of time.  

4. Severe Weather Conditions

Rainy Day

If you’re worried about the weather knocking out your power and garage door, look for an opener with a battery back-up system. This will allow you ease and comfort knowing you are able to get in and out of your garage no matter what.

Buying a garage door opener can be nerve wracking, but hopefully now you feel more comfortable and confident on making the right decision. Once you're ready to buy, shop our online store or if you have more questions or concerns, visit your local Do it Best store! 

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