Build a DIY Fire Pit

1) Pick your spot
The ideal place for your fire pit is going to depend based on the size and layout of your yard, but you'll always want to select a relatively flat spot at least 10' from any structure and one with no overhanging trees - we want the fire in the pit, not in the trees!

2) Make a decision
There are two basic types of fire pits that are popular among the DIY community: in-ground and above-ground. We're going to detail the above ground style today, put there are plenty of resources on the in-ground style if that's what you prefer.

3) Gather your supplies
There are countless types of brick and wall blocks you can choose from, and you'll want to contact your local Do it Best store to see their full selection (make sure the type you select is fire retardant). In this tutorial, it's a four-tiered fire pit that calls for (48) 10.25" x 7" blocks and (48) 3" x 7" blocks. This can obviously be adjusted based on how big or small you want your fire pit to be.

You'll also want some stone or river rock, weedkiller in case there's some weeds that need to be cleared out, a shovel, rake, hoe and level, and probably a wheelbarrow to hold all your stuff!

4) Lay the foundation
Set your first layer out in a circle with the bricks spaced evenly. Use your level once finished to see what areas need adjusted - you may end up marking the perimeter of the circle and digging out the area to ensure it's a flat and level base.

5) Build the walls
Once you've got the first layer leveled out, start adding the other layers. You can create a pattern by alternating the large and small bricks in this tutorial.  Since the blocks are probably not all shaped perfectly, place the level on top after each row you complete to make sure everything stays in line.

6) Clear the area
Dig out a perimeter around the stone and spray some weed killer to keep weeds from growing up around your fire pit. 

Then, add in your river rock evenly in the perimeter you've just cleared out. This helps complete the look of your fire pit.

7) Finish it up
Add some more river rock to the center of the pit, as this helps with drainage and keeps weeds down. 

And with that, you're ready to enjoy a bonfire!

Check out more info, including pictures, right here.

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