Build a Walkway with the Quikrete Walkmaker

How to Easily Build a Patterned Walkway!

Adding a small patio, garden path, or other decorative walkway is a great way to transform your outdoor space and give it a unique look and feel. Sure, we'd all like to make our backyard look even better, but the idea of creating it is way too intimidating for the average homeowner...right?

Not so with the Quikrete Walkmaker. The Walkmaker allows you to create your own path or patio in your backyard using a plastic template that you can layout, pour concrete into, remove, and repeat. With different templates available, you can create the exact look you want quickly and easily! Check out the steps below, print off a handy PDF, and get started! 

Walkmaker Steps

1. Estimate the project

You’ll first need to evaluate the space you have to work with and plan where you want your path to go. Measure the length and width of the path, then use our chart to figure out how much concrete mix you’ll need.

2. Prepare the area

You’ll need to level the area where the path will go by removing sod and soil to give it a flat, even base. It may help to dig out slightly deeper than you need, then add and grade some gravel to achieve a compact, flat surface.

3. Mix concrete and set the form

After your planning in step 1, you should have an idea of how much concrete you’ll need. Mix your first batch and place your template at the beginning of the path. Make sure it’s level before you start adding concrete in. Once it’s set, start shoveling your concrete into the form and smooth the surface with a concrete trowel.

4. Remove the form and repeat

Quickly remove the form and trowel the edges to give your pattern a more finished look. Then, just set the form up against the finished section and repeat until you’ve finished your pathway. You can even rotate the forms 90 degrees to mix up the pattern!

Once you’ve finished the path, it needs to be dampcured for 5-7 days. This means misting it with water regularly over the next week to ensure moisture retention in the concrete

You can also create mortar joints to give you pathway a rock-solid finish. Once you have cured the path, sprinkle Quikrete PowerLoc jointing sand on the path and brush it into the gaps. Then lightly mist with water to harden the polymers in the jointing sand and let dry for a solid path and a high-quality, finished look.

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