DIY Wine Rack

Wine Rack 1

Wine Rack

Wine Rack


(6) 1/2" black flange
(8) 1/2" x 3" black pipe nipple
(8) 1/2" 90° black elbow
(1) 1/2" black pipe tee
(3) 1/2" x close black nipple
(2) 1/2" x 18" black pipe
(1) 11.-Oz. Rust Oleum black chalkboard spray paint
- Material to mount the pieces of pipe on - old pallets work great!
- Additional tools needed include a drill and screws to attach pipe to frame

Step-by-Step Instructions

1) To make the wine bottle holder, set 2 flanges out. Attach a 3" piece of pipe nipple to each one.

2) Next, attach an elbow to each piece of 3" pipe nipple. Then add another 3" piece of pipe nipple to both sides. Connect the two pieces with another elbow. You should have a total of 2 flanges, 4 pieces of 3" pipe nipple and (3) 90° elbows.

3) Repeat steps 1 and 2 to make a second wine bottle holder.

4) To make the glass rack, you'll need 2 flanges, 3 pieces of 1/2" x close pipe nipple, 2 elbows, 1 tee and 2 pieces of 18" pipe.

5) Start with the 2 flanges. Attach a 1/2" x close pipe nipple to each flange. On one of the flanges, attach an elbow and on the other flange attach a tee. Attach one piece of the 18" pipe to the elbow and the tee.

6) Take another 1/2" x close piece and attach it to the tee. Then connect an elbow.

7) Connect the other piece of 18" pipe to the elbow. Put a cap on the end of the pipe. The two pieces of 18" pipe should be parallel, allowing you to hang glasses from it.

8) I chose to paint all of the parts with black chalk spray paint after they were put together. This should keep it from rusting and also makes everything look uniform.

9) Once you have the parts together, you can attach them to whatever backing or frame you like. In this example, I used a pallet since it was easy (and cheap!) to work with.

Estimated project time: 2 hours

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