Horseshoe Wine Rack

Horseshoe Wine Rack

Create a Show-stopping Wine Holder!

Grab the girls, grab the boys, get out the welder, and go to town! This horseshoe wine holder will have the neighbors ranting and raving. But remember, enjoy the wine after the work is done. 

Project Supplies

  • Classic Horseshoes (7)
  • Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i MIG Welder
  • Forney Mild Steel Mig Wire

Tools Required

  • Wire Brush
  • Spray Paint
  • Rust Free Protective Clear Coat

Cut the horseshoe

1. Make the Glass Holders

Lay two horseshoes flat. Draw a line on each side of the Diamond logo, then repeat on the other shoe. Using a metal cutting tool, cut along your lines. Then bevel the edges using a grinder or file. Place the two halves of the cut shoe 1” apart with the bottoms lining up. Tack weld the shoes together. Grind down the weld to make it blend in with the shoe. Repeat this step with the second shoe.


2. Make the Base

Using three horseshoes, lay one flat on the table with the logo facing up. Set the other two horseshoes at an angle on either side of the flat shoe, with the open ends facing upward. Lean the two shoes toward each other until they touch and are centered between the bottom horse shoe. Tack-weld the shoes together at the top, then tack the inside of the bottom shoes. Check alignment to ensure the shoes are even. Then finish tack-welding the outside of the upright shoes.


3. Weld the Final Shoes

Lay the glass holders you created in step one flat with the crease (groove side) down. Position the two remaining horseshoes with the heels down and the logo facing outward. Double check that the standing shoes are at a 90 degree angle to the glass holder. Use the second nail hole from the welded point and tack in place. Do this on the other side, keeping the distance between both sides consistent. Weld one shoe at a time, keeping them lined up evenly. Repeat this step for the other side.

Final Product

4. Connect Glass Holder to the Base

Position the glass holder assembly on top of the base unit. Use a small level when assembling to ensure the glass holders are level on top of the base. Tack-weld the glass holder to the base.

Once completed, tack-weld between all the tacked areas. Then take a wire brush and clean up the welds. Use a hammer and chisel to chisel off any sharp edges from welding. Apply any color of spray paint and finish off with rust protective clear coat. Use two to three layers of clear coat.

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