Mason Jar Organizer


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(3) pint size, regular mouth mason jars
(3) 1-3/4" - 2-3/4" steel pipe clamps
(2) 1/2" black pipe flange
(2) 90° 1/2" black pipe elbows
(2) 1/2" black pipe caps
(4) 1/2" black pipe closes
(11) #10 3/4" wood screws
Large D-Ring Hooks

Optional Supplies

- Minwax white wash pickling stain
Rust-Oleum Aged Gray chalked paint
Rust-Oleum Charcoal chalked paint
Ball Transform mason jar pump insert kit
Ball Transform mason jar frog lid insert

Additional Tools Needed

- Flat head screwdriver or power drill
- Drill or drill press
- Hammer
- Measuring tape or ruler

Step-by-Step Instructions

1) Choose your piece of wood. Finish it with stain, paint or leave natural for a reclaimed look.

*example shown uses Minwax White Wash Pickling Stain, Rust-Oleum Aged Gray Chalked Paint and Rust-Oleum Charcoal Chalked Paint.

2) Measure and mark where mason jars will be mounted. Measurements may vary depending on the size of wood chosen.

*in example shown, screw hole for mason jars were marked 6” apart and 2-1⁄2” from top of board.

3) Pre-drill the wood on mark to make attaching clamp to wood easier.

4) Here’s the tricky part. Count 22-24 “slots” in from the end of the steel clamp (this will position the joint to the side but give you enough room to tighten as needed), then drill a hole in this slot large enough for the screw to fit through, but small enough for the head of the screw to hold securely. The drill bit will want to slip off of the steel so you will need to put some “elbow grease” into it or you can simply use a drill press.

5) Screw the open clamp to the board putting screw through hole and lining up with pre-drilled hole in wood. You should be able to tighten by hand with screw driver.

6) Put mason jars in clamps, with the clamp around the narrowest part of the neck and tighten until secure. 

7) Next, assemble the towel hooks by connecting the end cap to a close, and a close to each end of the 90° elbow. Wait to attach to the flange. 

8) Place the flange at desired location and mark the holes for each screw and remove flange. Pre-drill the holes before placing the flange back in place. Screw the flange in place using screw driver or power drill. Next, twist the pipe “hook” into each flange to create towel hooks. 

9) Add additional items such as Transform Mason pump insert kits for soaps and lotions or Transform Mason frog jar lid insert to keep toothbrushes clean and organized. Use the remaining mason jar to store toothpaste, q-tips, cotton balls, or turn it into a night light. The possibilities are endless! 

Estimated Project Time: 1 hour (more if you're finishing the wood first)

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