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Content Blocks

Content blocks allow you to customize your web page with content such as images, text, and links. Each content block has a specific layout, but multiple content blocks can be combined in the same page for several variations of content layout.

Rich Text

Rich Text content blocks allow the creation of text documents (i.e. word documents). The text can also include links for another page within your site or to a site outside of


The HTML block allows the user to add HTML language as is to the web page.

Grouping Blocks

Allows the user to group together 2,3, or 4 content blocks horizontally. For example you may wish to have 2 Rich Text boxes in between an image. Once you select the grouping block and designate how many blocks, you will save the block which will highlight in green. Continue to add new content blocks such as rich text, that will save into the highlighted green grouping block as you go.


A large content image, such as a store front image that can be a link to a different area of the website if designated. 


The rotator allows for multiple large hero images and links if desired. Up to 4 images can be added to the rotator. 

2 Callout Grid

2 simple callouts arranged horizontally can designate a link for a particular category, product, or brand and display a small image

3 Callout Grid

3 simple callouts arranged horizontally can designate a link for a particular category, product, or brand and display a small image

Wide Callout 

Wide callouts are more complex in that they will display text and up to 3 images which can be 3 products and links to the product details pages for them.

Top Categories

Creates a callout with a heading, image, alternate text, and link URL for the category. Multiple categories can be added in this section.

Media Card

A content card split with an image and text such as to display services offered.

Photo Gallery

A custom photo gallery of images. Each photo gallery can be named and will display thumb nail images to click through for a bigger display.

Store Details

A content card displaying an image of the store location (if added as an asset) and also store information including store address, phone number, and link to directions.

Upcoming Event

Display a media card of a single event's summary displaying the event title, date, time, and location.

Events Calendar

Selecting an events calendar will display a calendar on your web page for the month. If there are upcoming events already created, they will populate within the appropriate day of the calendar as a link. Once the date is clicked from the calendar, the event details of title, date, time, and location will display.

Featured Products

Display up to 5 featured products. The designated products will display with a thumbnail image of the product, short description, price, and URL link to product detail page.

OASIS Display

The OASIS display will create a thumbnail display of the front cover of your current circular which links to the pdf for visibility to remaining circular pages.

Personalized Recommendations

Recommendations of products for the current user based on their catalog browsing behavior. Recommendations can only display after a user has searched the catalog.

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