What game is believed to have been invented 600 years ago?


Vinyl Stickers

Metal Square


Tape Measure

Miter Saw

Jig Saw

Orbital Sander

Bean Bags

Here's a hint... the game was rediscovered in the hills of
Kentucky over 100 years ago and goes by many names. 



It's Cornhole!

Some say it was invented in Germany around the 14th century, some give credit to the Blackhawk tribe in Illinois, and others claim a Kentucky farmer invented the game in the 1800s. Known by many names: corn toss, bean bag, bean toss, bags, soft horseshoes, and Indiana horseshoes, cornhole has become a family past time game. 

To play the game all you need is 2 game platforms, 30 feet, and 8 corn bags. Toss the bags one at a time at the platform, aiming for the hole. Earn 1 point for every bag on the board and 3 points for making it in the hole.  


Let the game begin

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