Ames Blue Max Liquid Rubber Membrane Waterproofing Coating - BMX1RG


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1 gal per 100 sq ft per coat
Elastomeric Liquid Rubber & Adhesive
Package Quantity:
1 Gal.

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Brand Ames
Manufacturer Part Number BMX1RG
Manufacturer Description LIQUID RBR WATERPROOFER
Country of Origin Code United States of America
Size 1 Gal.
Material Elastomeric Liquid Rubber & Adhesive
Coverage 1 gal per 100 sq ft per coat
Package Quantity 1
Color Blue
UPC 00856955000691

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Ames Blue Max is a special blend of adhesive, high strength elastomeric liquid rubber. It is impenetrable, rubber technology for waterproofing in extreme wet situations such as flat roofs, below grade foundations, basement walls, cisterns, water troughs, catch basins, ponds, and fountains. It is high in solids and dries to a tough 800% elastic membrane that resists cracking and peeling. Blue Max remains flexible from -30 F (degree Fahrenheit) to 150 F. It is impervious to water when applied in a uniform and seamless fashion with adequate millage. It flows into cracks and crevices as a liquid and sets up as a durable rubber to seal leaks wherever they occur. Blue Max is also an excellent coating for ICF (insulated concrete forms), as well as metal, wood, concrete, and many other applications. The adhesive qualities in Ames Blue Max actually glue surfaces together and strengthen wall construction. This coating is water base and contains no petroleum. It is nontoxic, VOC (volatile organic compound) free, low odor, and environmentally friendly. It can be used as a potable water coating. Easy-to-apply, simply roll, brush, or spray. Dries to a translucent blue. Clean up with water. Coverage: 1 gal (gallon) per 100 sq ft (square foot) per coat.

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Liquid Rubber Roofing

    Liquid Rubber Roofing is very cost effective and easy application product in the market.

    Shelton, CT

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