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Brand Premier
Manufacturer Part Number PR500070
Manufacturer Description 4.75GL N/FB ALUM RF CTG
Country of Origin Code United States of America
Package Quantity 1
Color Silver
UPC 00009326100357

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Non-fibered. PR500 is a reflective roof coating with aluminum pigment and asphalt in a solvent system. Reflects the sun's heat and UV rays. A single application provides a bright, highly-reflective, weather-resistant surface. Economical 1 coat coverage - can be spray applied. Twice as reflective as new white cap sheet. Prolongs roof life by reflecting UV rays. Cooler interior, lower air conditioning costs. Minimizes granule loss on cap sheets. Not to be sold in Southern California. Use a mineral surface cap sheet; conventional, SBS or APP. Stir thoroughly before and during application. Power mixing is recommended for color uniformity. Do not dilute. Apply with a soft brush, paint roller, or spray equipment. Avoid over-application. Do not apply if there is a threat of rain, dew, or frost within 48 hours. Surface must be clean and completely dry. Sweep or hose off to remove all dust and dirt. Repair cracks, breaks, tears, and holes by embedding glass reinforcing fabric between 2 heavy coats of plastic roof cement, applied over and at least 2" beyond the area to be repaired. Allow repairs to cure 30 days before coating. Uncoated concrete and masonry, smooth surface modified bitumen and weathered asphalt roofing should 1st be coated with asphalt emulsion. Prime metal flashings with asphalt primer. Roof surfaces previously coated with asphalt emulsion may be coated as soon as the emulsion cures. Roof surfaces previously coated with solvent-based coatings must weather for a season - approximately 3 months. Coverage: Smooth surfaces .25 - .33 gallon/square or mineral cap sheet .33 - .5 gallon/square. 1 year warranty. ASTM D-2824 Type 1.

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