Manufacturer Part Number 381466-048
Manufacturer Description 4.5GL PAIL PLS3 COMPOUND
Country of Origin Code United States of America
Size 4.5 Gal.
Setting Time 24 hr
Shelf Life 9 Mo.
Package Quantity 1
Set Time 24 Hr.
Pre-Mixed Yes
Coverage Area 450 Sq. Ft.

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Plus 3. Eliminates the need for separate taping and topping compounds. Bonds like taping compound and sands like a topping compound. Weighs 35% less than conventional compounds and requires only 2 coats over metal fasteners, corner bead, and trim. Plus 3 offers lower shrinkage, faster drying, easier sanding, and mixes quicker than conventional compounds. Protect from freezing. Coverage: Approximately 9.4 Gal. per 1000 Sq. Ft. of gypsum panels.

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