Forney Camouflage Auto-Darkening Arc Welding Helmet - 55702


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Item #:
Model #:
Helmet Material:
Nylon Shell
Lens Length:
1.69" Viewing Area
Lens Width:
3.86" Viewing Area
Package Quantity:

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Brand Forney
Manufacturer Part Number 55702
Manufacturer Description CAMO AD WELDING HELMET
Country of Origin Code China
UPC 00032277557024
Package Quantity 1
Lens Length 1.69" Viewing Area
Lens Width 3.86" Viewing Area
Helmet Material Nylon Shell

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Variable shade #9-13 auto-darkening welding helmet with four optical sensors. Outside mounted shade selector knob and sensitivity adjustment. UV/IR (ultraviolet/infrared) protection: up to shade DIN 16 continuous. Light State: Shade DIN 4; Variable Shade: DIN 9 to DIN 13. Power Supply: High performance solar cells. Switching time light-to-dark: 1/30,000 of second after arc is struck; Switching time dark-to-light: 0.25 sec in "short" mode, 0.8 sec in "long" mode. Helmet has lightweight impact resistant nylon shell and is equipped with a geared headband mechanism that reduces the amount of head movement required to lower face shield just prior to welding. Meets related DIN/ISO (International Standards Organization) and EN (European Standard) Safety Standards and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Z87.1 Safety Standards.

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