Mustee Deluxe Shower Cabinet With Extended Base - 82

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Brand Mustee
Manufacturer Part Number 82
Manufacturer Description 32" EXT BAS SHOWER STALL
Country of Origin Code United States of America
UPC 00671031003157

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The 32" leak-proof base is constructed of sturdy heavy-duty copolymer plastic. The durable high-gloss thermoplastic panels are further strengthened by aluminum front channels. Complete with shower valve, curtain, and assembly. Size of stall (including base) is 32-5/8" x 32-5/8" x 78-3/8". Extended base is for installations away from subfloor DWV drain. Surface is raised 2-1/2" to enclose PVC drain assembly (included) for 1-1/2" connecting pipe which can be directed through any of 4 knockout side openings. Drain opening is centered. Unit is shipped (K.D. - knocked down).

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Customer Reviews

  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Why Me?

    I have installed these showers before and each time I forget how much fun it is. The last two times I had help and this time I did it by myself. Spent a half hour installing the trim on each side of the back and another hour installing the two sides. Got it together and up. the back corners didn't set square in the grooves and had trouble lining up the holes. Got the door on next. Do not try this with only one person. Is impossible!!!! Next put in the handles and shower head and hooked everything up and let dry overnight. Next day turned on water and no leaks! Yea!! for about 15 mins. The fittings on the back warmed up and started leaking. The shower is in place and glue to floor drain and I have 2" between wall and shower to try to tightened. 1 hour later and two trips to store for tools, no leak. But... the shower head drips both cold and hot water!!!!!!!!!!!! Only good thing, the people that made the handles are sending me new innards. I so hope they don't leak!!!!

    Adrian, Michigan

  2. 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Cheap quality, missing parts, poor graphic

    wow. We had to use a sawmill to dismantle our previous extended base shower. The "walls" of this Mustee were so cheap, so thin, installation into the side grooves to form the shower was difficult without three people to keep the plastic from constant flexing. The plastic faucets, shower heads, were also poor quality. There were missing parts (we lay them all out, label them BEFORE installation). The graphic illustrations do not actually show the installations in some cases. The feet for the extended base were too short!! AND the base is such fragile plastic, I dread ever dropping a bottle of shampoo. We had to use a sawzall to dismantle our previous extended base shower, but even taking THAT into account, this was so crappy. I paid $500 for it at Menard's, special order. IF I had known how cheaply the entire thing was made, I would NOT have paid even $1. Not worth the trouble of installation.

    Niles, MI

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