48" Tow Lawn Sweeper

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Precision lawn sweeper is perfect for picking up leaves and other materials quickly and effortlessly. 15 cu ft (cubic foot) capacity and extra wide ... View Full Description


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Type Tow
Basket Capacity 15 cu ft
Brush Width 48" (Swath Capacity)
Brush Diameter 10"
# of Brushes 3
Tires Type Semi-Pneumatic
Tires Outside Diameter 10"

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Precision lawn sweeper is perfect for picking up leaves and other materials quickly and effortlessly. 15 cu ft (cubic foot) capacity and extra wide swath capacity allows for more passes and less trips to the leaf pile. The rust-resistant powder-coated steel frame and semi-pneumatic wheels, easy-height adjustment, and dump feature makes it perfect for nearly every clean-up project. Hitch pin included.

Customer Reviews

  1. 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Poor Quality and Customer Service!

    To ALL Whom it May Concern, I recently purchased a Precision Products, LSP48 Lawn Sweeper, from Do it Best store #0314 on 04/14/15. Once I began assembling the unit there were two identical parts instead of one left and one right for the towing bars. I had to call Precision Products and have that part shipped to me, which took over a week to get. I then was unable to use the sweeper for several weeks, due to rain and the grass being too wet when I was able to get around to mowing it, so the sweeper sat in my garage unused. I was finally able to begin using the sweeper on 07/25/2015 and had finished approx. one half of my yard when the left wheel came off the unit, stripping the plastic cog teeth on the inside of the wheel and losing the parts in my yard! On 07/27/15 I began communication with Eryn Leever at Precision Products via email(see attached) and she responded by stating she would "…have these parts sent out for you." I received the wheel only at my place of work on Sat 08/01/15 with none of the missing parts being in the box. The wheel alone does me no good! So I sent an email on Saturday and after no response via email, I contacted Eryn by phone on Monday 08/03/15 and asked for the balance of the parts needed to reassemble the wheel and she assured me she would get them right out and send them to my home address where she had sent the towing bars earlier. I never received the parts by 08/05/15 so I sent Eryn another email asking about the parts and a tracking number. I sent Eryn an email on 08/06/15 asking for a parts breakdown list so I could make sure of which parts I needed. I found the breakdown for the parts and sent an email listing the parts required and asked Eryn to verify that the parts on the list were what went out on Monday 08/03/15 and to send any that were missing from that list. I had several phone conversations with Eryn, one on Monday 8/10/15 during which I was told AGAIN that the parts were going out that day! I waited the full week and still no parts! I then called again on Monday 08/17/15 and spoke first to a Jennifer who informed me once AGAIN that the parts were being shipped that day! I asked to speak to her supervisor and then Donna got on the phone and made up several excuses as to why I hadn't received my parts including LOST IN THE MAIL, as their policy apparently will not allow them to ship any other way, even to satisfy a customer complaint! I asked her specifically to send the parts overnight UPS or FedEx and she refused saying it was against policy! I told her then that if I did not receive the parts in a timely manner THIS time I would be returning the unit! She apologized and AGAIN said they would mil the parts out that day! I contacted Eryn again via email on 08/18/15 inquiring about the parts as I still had not received them and informed them that if I did not have my parts in hand by Friday 08/21/15 that I was returning the unit as well as writing a letter to the corporate company(The Gleason Group) in California as well as the BBB! Someone responded via email that "We were waiting on some parts. This wil be going out tomorrow!"!!! This is when I replied with an email stating that unless they were coming via overnight shipping and I had them by the Friday deadline I had given them that it was a moot point for them to mail them at all. I reminded Eryn of our second conversation, that I would be nice but that would change if their company did not take care of this issue! I received a call from a Diana Wagner with The Gleason Group shortly after that email. She was very apologetic, but as I told her, if I didn't have my parts by Friday I was done with their product and would return it. She stated she understood and that if that is what I decided to do, she would make sure the store was reimbursed for the unit and I would get a refund. I am returning the product here to the Do it Best store today, and as of yesterday I STILL DO NOT HAVE THE PARTS! The store manager contacted Ms Wagner and she issued an RGA for a refund from Do it Best to the store as a credit. Do it Best is processing the claim with that RGA # and the store will reimburse me for the unit. All in all a very distasteful experience with one of our vendors and their product! VERY unprofessional with the lies and promises! The truth, even though I may not have been happy with it, would have at least kept me from being upset.

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