Lundmark Mark Thane I Urethane Fortified Acrylic Floor Finish - 3293G05


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9000 To 10000 Sq. Ft.
Package Quantity:
5 Gal.

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Brand Lundmark
Manufacturer Part Number 3293G05
Manufacturer Description 5GAL ACRY FLOOR FINISH
Country of Origin Code United States of America
Package Quantity 1
Size 5 Gal.
Coverage 9000 To 10000 Sq. Ft.
UPC 00084686329358
Type Liquid

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Detergent-resistant. Black mark-resistant. Slip-resistant. Nonyellowing. Brilliant gloss; versatile. Super high-solids content. Tough; durable. Caution: Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. Keep from freezing. 1 Gallon (3.785 Liters). Lundmark introduces the next generation of floor care products with the introduction of MARK THANE I floor finish. MARK THANE I is a super high-solid acrylic floor seal and finish which has been fortified with a special water borne urethane. This new and unique urethane fortifying system is designed to give you a 1-coat floor finish which has exceptional gloss, toughness, flexibility, extended wear, and chemical resistance. MARK THANE I offers substantial savings in time and labor costs, and is an extremely versatile product which can be used with excellent results on resident-type floors, quarry tile, terrazzo, concrete, sealed wood and cork, and nearly any other type of floor. MARK THANE I can be applied in office buildings, schools, churches, warehouses, shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants, etc. As a base finish for future spray buffing, MARK THANE I is unexcelled. In addition, MARK THANE I will withstand repeated burnishings and continue to yield gloss-like appearance time after time. As with other Lundmark finishes, MARK THANE I meets or exceeds UL and CSMA standards for slip-resistance (ASTM-D 2047-69). Directions: Initial application: For best results, initial application should be made on a dry floor that has been thoroughly stripped and well rinsed. Apply an even coat of MARK THANE I finish with a high-quality strong mop (18-22 oz. works best) or wax applicator which has been rinsed in clear water and wrung nearly dry. Never contaminate finish mops or applicator with cleaners or strippers. 1 coat of MARK THANE I will adequately seal the floor and give excellent gloss. However, if flooring is exceptionally porous, worn, or old then additional protection may be required and a second coat of MARK THANE I is recommended. Allow 30 to 45 minutes between additional coats. Maintenance: Damp mop or sweep daily, or as frequently as necessary, to keep floor surface clean and free of dust, dirt, and extraneous matter. When mopping, use a neutral free rinsing detergent. Where heavy traffic has abraded finish and reduced lustre, a very thin coat of MARK THANE I can be used to restore gloss and add protection. Spray buffing: MARK THANE I provides an excellent base for spray buffing using Lundmark's Spray Buff Compound which will enhance gloss and keep the floor looking its best. Burnishing: MARK THANE I will withstand repeated high-speed burnishings and will give a gloss-like appearance time after time. Stripping: Due to the unique formulation of MARK THANE I, it is recommended that Lundmark's Super Strip concentrated floor finish stripper be used to remove the product. 1 gallon of Mark Thane will cover approximately 2500 sq. ft. with 1 coat.

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