3M Safest Stripper Paint & Varnish Stripper - 10101


Item #:
Model #:
50 sq ft per qt
For Use On:
Interior/Exterior Wood
Package Quantity:
Paint,Varnish, Wood Finishes
Non-Toxic, No Drip, Semi-Paste Remover

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Brand 3M
Manufacturer Part Number 10101
Manufacturer Description PAINT & VARNISH REMOVER
Country of Origin Code United States of America
Package Quantity 1
For Use On Interior/Exterior Wood
Removes Paint,Varnish, Wood Finishes
Size Quart
ApproxCoverage 50 sq ft per qt
Type Non-Toxic, No Drip, Semi-Paste Remover
UPC 00051111101018

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Effectively strips paints, varnishes and other wood finishes without unpleasant odors or harmful fumes. Can be used indoors. It is nonflammable and it won't burn skin so gloves are not needed. Contains no methylene chloride. The semi-paste formulation reduces drips on vertical surfaces and stays effective up to 30 hours once it is applied. No neutralizing is required, wash with water.

Customer Reviews

  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Used as directed works as described

    This product is pretty great. Basically no smell. Used it to remove decades (almost 100 years worth!) of paint and tar from old tiles off the hardwood landings in our stairwell. Applied thick covered in plastic film and left it overnight (almost 16 hours). Everything scraped off with a dull putty knife with only a couple troublesome tar spots that took a little extra elbow grease. I've used several types of strippers over the years and though this one took the longest it was by far the most pleasant to use and didn't require any extra scraping compared to similar products.

  2. 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Does not work

    My wife bought 2 gallons of the 3M Sagest Stripper for removing paint from out kitchen Cabinets. I applied the stripper per instructions and it did not do ANYTHING. After several days of using the product and scrapping and scrapping I was finally able to get ONE surface done. I finally gave up and headed to the local hardware store and found a product that works. This product might be good if your at trying to remove 3M Post-it notes but it does not work on paint or varnish.

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