Traeger Pro Series 22 Wood Pellet Grill - TFB57PZB


Item #:
Model #:
BTU Rating:
20,000 BTU
Cooking Surface Area:
572 Sq. In.
41 In. W. x 49 In. H. x 27 In. D.
Grate Material:
Grid Material:
Grill Material:
Hopper Capacity:
18 Lb.
Hopper Capacity lbs:
18 Lb.
Package Quantity:
3 Yr.
103 Lb.

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California - Prop 65 Warning

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including diisononyl phthalate which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and carbon monoxide a by-product of combustion fr


Brand Traeger
Manufacturer Part Number TFB57PZB
Manufacturer Description PRO 22 BRZ PELLET GRILL
Country of Origin Code China
Package Quantity 1
Cooking Surface Area 572 Sq. In.
Weight 103 Lb.
Material Steel
Hopper Capacity lbs 18 Lb.
Color Bronze
Dimensions 41 In. W. x 49 In. H. x 27 In. D.
Warranty 3 Yr.
Grill Material Steel
Hopper Capacity 18 Lb.
UPC 00634868920363
Grid Material Porcelain
BTU Rating 20,000 BTU
Grate Material Porcelain

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Grill, smoke, bake, braise, roast, or barbecue. Features 572 Sq. In. of cooking space - main rack 22 In. x 19 In. (holds up to 16 burgers), extra rack 22 In. x 7 In. (holds up to 8 burgers). Digital Pro Controller with Advanced Grilling Logic keeps the internal temperature withing +/- 15 degrees. Dual meat probes to check internal meat temperatures. Sawhorse chassis for added stability with a side-lift bar. Includes: hopper clean-out, all terrain wheels, cookbook, and assembly tool kit. Fueled by 100% pure hardwood pellets for authentic wood-fired flavor.

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Customer Reviews

  1. 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Poor Quality and worse customer service

    I have been cooking and smoking for 45 years, and have used gas, electric, propane, and wood smokers in the past. I bought Traeger because it seemed to offer a hassle free-care free smoking and I am getting too lazy to keep adding woodchips to my smoker every hour and babysitting it (not leaving the house while smoking). I bought Traeger Pro 22 serious day before Thanks-Giving and had it assembled because I hate assembly and as a doctor even a minor hand injury or cut to my hand can interfere with my work. I followed the instructions that came with the unit, and on the first firing paint on the right-hand side of the unit and underneath blistered and bubbled up and the heading pan had warped. This was surprising given the positive reviews I had read online. Additionally, I found big temperature variations. I live near Silicone Valley, California and our temperature outside was low 60-70's during most of my cooking, not hot but certainly not very cold either. On setting of 225, temperature would go as high as 270 and as low as 180. I thought there is something wrong with my unit, but their customer service said this is normal. The internal thermostat is just for display!! It does not control the number of wood pellets pushed through or the burn cycle, rather the temperature setting controls a timer which pushed the pellets through based on a certain time interval not thermostat sensors, hence large temperature variations. I cooked a whole chicken, ribs, chicken parts and steak. Here is my review: 1- The startup is easy, and the unit is smoked and ready to go in less than 15 minutes with almost no work. Plug it in, fill the hopper with Pellets (many different flavors of pellet options but I used a big bag from Costco which is a multiple kind of wood and twice as large for the same $20 price for bags half its size sold elsewhere). I followed their own cookbook receipt (included with the unit). Chicken came out crisp and moist with slight smoke flavor. Once you get past 250 degrees, you don't have much smoke, beware, at that temperature and above its more like an oven. Ribs came out good as well although to get the barbeque sauce to caramelize on it, I had to put them under the broiler. Steak was more like a roast and very disappointing. As with any smoker, once you open the lid, you lose a lot of heat. It is hard for this unit to get over 350. It eventually does after about 20 minutes of lid closed, but then your steak be more like a jerky. Got a very light sear marks on them, certainly feel that their steak photo is misleading. Customer service said they have heard of this complaint before; now they offer a new optional grill grate which is a 12-inch cast iron which should do better with steaks (cost $59). I did not try it with that grate but would not bother with expensive cuts of meat needing high temps. Cleanup is easy enough, but you need a shop vacuum to vacuum inside the unit. My pro unit had two wheels, so it was very hard and heavy to maneuver. I usually push the unit against the wall when not in use and then move away from the wall according to the manufacturer's specs when in use. With the short electrical cord that comes with the unit and only wheels on only one side, I found it to be cumbersome. I gave up on their book quickly. Almost everything in their cookbook treats this unit as a grill and an oven, not a smoker. Most recipes are over 300 degrees which burn the unit very nice and clean and smokeless. I modified many to start at 225 for about one hour then at higher speed to get more smoke flavors. At low temperatures the pellet use was good but at higher temperature settings used say for cooking a whole chicken it burns through pellets like crazy. I did not compute how much, but certainly much more than my propane smoker. Finally, this is not a quiet smoker; it makes a lot of noise. Think of a hair dryer to get the idea although it sounds more like a jet engine at a far distance. It has a blower and you can hear it. I tried to get their customer service people to take care of my unit. They agreed that this sounded like a defective unit and only one day after purchase, of course they would honor their warranty and send me a replacement barrel but I was on my own as far as taking the old unit apart and replacing the bottom portion with a new barrel. To me good customer service would be to get their own technicians come out and replace the part (it is a two-man job). Remember this is a big unit that does not fit into a passenger car and needs two people for assembly. If it failed after the first use, what is the durability? And even if they would ship me parts for free, why would I want to pay a serviceman to come out each time. You have warranty but we all hope we never need to use it. If a simple thing like paint fails on the first day, what else can you depend on? . I spend many emails and lots of talking on the phone with their customer service. First Danny and when I was not able to get satisfactory resolution, Chantel who told me, their policy is to only replace the defective parts. Of course she did give me the choice or returning the whole unit to them and they would ship me another unit which of course would require assembly! It weighs over 130 lbs and my shipping cost would be too high. In the end, I called a delivery company and they delivered it back to the store I had bought it at for a refund.

    San Ramon

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