Ulta Lit LED Keeper Light Repair Kit - 3203-4


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Brand Ulta Lit
Manufacturer Part Number 3203-4
Manufacturer Description LED KEEPER
Country of Origin Code China
Batteries Included Yes
Package Quantity 1
Batteries Included? Yes
Light Set Type LED
UPC 00784642032031

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LED (light emitting diode) Keeper is a complete kit designed to diagnose and repair LED light sets. Features a bulb and fuse tester. Includes 2 place markers to aid in marking test points, bulb puller to easily remove bulbs from tight sockets, and (1) 9 volt battery. Non-illuminating replacement pods are also included to be used when bulbs cannot be replaced or socket issues cannot be resolved.

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Customer Reviews

  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works as advertised

    Before doing anything - watch the manufacturer's video on You Tube! I read some reviews on other websites that said the LED Keeper did not work, such as on pre-lighted strings. The video explains why it doesn't work on these type of lights and some other types of lighting. However, if you have standard LED string lights, you should be good to go. I am not going to repeat steps for using the LED Keeper since many customers have already done so. I had previously used the "red" Pro Light Keeper but found it did not work on LED string lights, which I have switched over to for the most part. That's why I bought the LED Keeper tester. I was tired of throwing away expensive LED strings because of unlighted sections. I watched the videos online before starting and found them to be very useful. The LED Keeper worked as advertised. I repaired at least 6 strings by identifying the broken LED light that was causing the problem. In one instance, it turned out the bulb holder was bad and I had to cut it out and use one of the pods to reconnect the wires. One word of caution. I noticed one reviewer said they simply tied the cut wires together. However, if you watch the video, you will find out that will cause the string to burn out quicker. The pods have a resister in them to mimic the voltage of the missing bulb. This keeps the design voltage of the string in balance. Not sure how much difference it makes, but why take the chance if you don't have to. Also, the as-received instructions did not mention that the end of the LED Keeper has a bulb puller. I found out what this was by watching the manufacturer's video. Also, you will want to watch it if you need to use the pod repair piece. Bottom line is I am very happy with LED Keeper and sure it will pay for itself many times over if I can keep my light strings going.


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