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About Us

We specialize in trusses, the structural framework for roofs, providing superior support compared to rafters. Many of our trusses can be custom-made and delivered within just 1-2 business days, ensuring your project stays on track. Our lumber selection is unmatched, featuring pressure-treated, fire-resistant plywood, OSB, LVLs, CDX, BC, trusses, engineered beams, and much more, with lengths up to 28’ and all in stock. We're also well-stocked in clay products, offering everything from clay sewer pipes to clay coping and chimney caps. Additionally, we supply a range of masonry materials and intercom/security systems and parts, including brands like Jeron, Aiphone, and Tektone. At Acme Lumber, we've got all your building needs covered in one convenient location


Trusses provide the structural framework for roofs. They are designed to bridge the space above a room and offer increased support when compared to rafters. In many cases our trusses can be made and shipped within 1-2 business days.


We have plenty of lumber in stock. We have what the competition doesn't have! We have Pressure Treated, Fire Resistant, Plywood, OSB, LVLs (Laminated Veneer Lumber), CDX, BC, Trusses, Engineered Beams, TGIs (Truss Joint I-Beams), Particle Board, Sheathing, Porch Decking, Tongue and Groove, and much more! Up to 28ft in length and in stock!

Clay Products

We have have plenty of Clay Products in stock!

  • Clay Sewer Pipe 4 in/6 in/8 in/12 in 
  • Clay Elbows 30°/45°/90° 
  • Clay Flew Liners 
  • Clay Coping 9in/ 13in 
  • Wedge Lock O-Rings 
  • Clay Y's & T's 
  • Chimney caps (square and round)

Masonry Supplies

  • Chimney Caps (Square & Round)
  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Coping Bells (9,13,18)
  • Brixment
  • Portland
  • Spec Mix
  • Diedrichs Products
  • Marshalltown

Intercom, Security Systems & Parts

  • Pacific
  • Jeron
  • Aiphone
  • Tektone