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About Us

E.C. Barton & Co began in 1885 at a grocery store in Jonesboro

Old Barton's Lumber truck

With the intention of building a new home, P.C. Barton stacked a load of lumber he had purchased behind his grocery store. As customers began to purchase the lumber he had intended to use for himself, the item was added as a sideline to the grocery store. Barton eventually sold the grocery store and incorporated his new business in 1902. It was called Barton Lumber & Brick. The company grew and in 1927 Barton acquired all the stock in the company, turning the business over to his son, Eugene C. Barton, the following year. The younger Barton was 20 when his father called him home from college to help in the lumber business. Eugene Barton learned his father’s philosophy on business. He later said, “I’ve spent my life insisting that my employees follow the same rule – treat your customers courteously, give him quality merchandise and stand behind everything you sell. Buy quality, buy satisfaction has always been our motto. It is better not to sell a customer at all, than to sell him once."

Who We Are Today

E.C. Barton & Company, operating out of Jonesboro, Arkansas, continues to be an employee-owned national building material and hardware retailer that offers quality home improvement products and solutions at the best price to help customers achieve their dreams. The company operates three brands, Barton’s, Home Outlet and Seconds & Surplus - with over 100 locations in 20 different states from upstate New York to south Texas. We are based out of Northeast Arkansas.

Spend Less Express

SLE stands for our "Spend Less Express" program, that gives you access to items and products not normally stocked in our stores. There are thousands of brand named products, all made by trusted manufacturers available to you within 2 to 5 weeks of placing your order in our store.

*Typical orders arrive at the store in 3 weeks or less! Some orders will take longer due to manufacturing or shipping delays beyond our control.

We Accept Checks

We only accept business and personal United States checks with proper I.D. $25.00 charge on all returned checks.

Our Return Policy (Keep Your Receipt)

Refunds accompanied by the original sales receipt and within 90 days of merchandise purchase will be accepted. If a return exceeds $200, a check will be issued from our corporate office. No refunds or exchanges will be accepted on damaged product, clearance items, or cut goods such as carpet, vinyl, etc. Items may be returned without the original packaging with a 20% reduction in the amount of the refund. Items must be in otherwise good condition.The original sales receipt is required.


Barton's will not be responsible for merchandise after it leaves our premises.


We do not share your information with third parties and you will only receive occasional emails from us.

Tax Exempt Customers:

ALL Sales Tax Exempt Customers: 

  1. Must be approved by our Corporate office. Purchases prior to Corporate Approval must include Sales Tax. Process may require up to 10 business days. 
  2. Must provide current & properly completed Exemption Documentation as required by State Law. 
  3. Who are charged Sales Tax may apply for Refund of Sales Tax as provided by the State Government

Customer Service Representatives

We are an employee-owned company, so when you speak to a customer service representative, you're speaking with an owner. Not only that, our representatives stay with us for an average of 8.5 years, so they've been a part of a lot of projects. We have a vested interest in providing our customers with experienced advice and top-quality service—including FREE design counsel—as you work to build, remodel or restore your kitchen, bath, flooring, doors, or windows. You’ve done the research and planned for your new space, let our knowledgeable representatives help you find the perfect product to help you make your dream space a reality.

To achieve first-rate project advice and service, we’ve hired the best and we are open to serve you Monday through Saturday. As a commitment to providing you with this level of service and to promote the well-being of our customer service representatives and their families, we are closed on Sunday.

If you have any questions, please contact us here.