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Banister Construction Testimonial

Banister Construction Testimonial

By: Ben Watters
Banister Construction Inc.

    Over the past 40 years Tom Banister has built Banister Construction Inc. - a well-established, quality driven custom home building company. Nowadays he and his son Chase, a business graduate of Indiana University, work together to provide what they feel is the very best end-to-end experience offered to those looking to construct a custom home. Together, alongside their team of skilled experts and network of seasoned professionals, they look to carry on the legacy Banister Construction has become known for in Columbus and the surrounding areas of Southern Indiana.

    Tom started working construction while in high school for his uncles’ John and Steve Miller, both esteemed builders in Brown County. This road of learning from the bottom up gave Tom the opportunities to hone his abilities and knowledge in every phase of custom construction, something he leans on every day.

    Soon after high school Tom got the opportunity to build a custom home for a young couple in the Columbus area; a project which would establish the beginning of a storied career of success. “That project really set the trajectory for where we are today. I was young, and so were they - we figured things out that we didn’t know how to do at the time - something we still do today, as we often construct homes no one has written the recipe for.”

   Opportunities for more homes would follow, and Tom never looked back as the business grew into a success story. Tom and Chase both feel a major part of their success is in how they approach projects. When you buy a home from Banister Construction you have a team alongside you from beginning to end, and beyond. Banister Construction partners with their customers for the life of the home.

    The team credits their edge to the experience from their long and diverse resume of clients - who have influenced them in how they approach business. They listen to their customers and approach each project differently based on the preferences of the homeowners. Armed with the experience to know what is needed and when, the team communicates continuously throughout the project to make sure they reach their end goals.

    Banister Construction relies on knowledgeable and professional help from Bender Lumber Customer Service Representative Jacob Kiste. They are confident when collaborating with Jacob throughout each project. “Mr. Kiste exemplifies all aspects of a great sales representative - from his extensive knowledge of the building field to his expertise in the ‘behind the scenes’ of how this business works. He knows how we like to do things, and works to make us better in every facet of the game.” Jacob has become a partner in business with Banister Construction.

    As for the future - the team at Banister Construction looks to "Continue the legacy of custom homes that Banister Construction is proud to stand for.”