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Core Values

Bender Lumber Core Values

Safety:  We desire to maintain a culture of safety for both our employees and customers. This is considered a top priority. Not intended to be cumbersome but to ensure that everyone goes home the same way they came.

Respect: As a core value, we will strive to show respect to each employee's and customer's unique perspective. This would include an open dialogue while placing value on fresh and different ideas and opinions.

  1.  Respect to God as the creator and the author of life.
  2.  Respect to family.
  3.  Respect and Loyalty to our country.
  4.  Respect and Loyalty to Bender Lumber company which makes a way for us to take care of our families.

Commitment: We show a passion for what we do.

  1. Top store managers agree, when referring to the Bender Lumber difference, we have "People who will do whatever it takes".
  2. Determination and Perseverance that not only meets expectations but exceeds.
  3. Committed associates take responsibility for Bender Lumber's mission regardless of job assignment.
  4. We are committed to helping each other, so we can succeed as a team.
  5. As part of our commitment, we understand that what we do, we do not do alone. We are committed to showing gratitude to those who make our success possible. Thankful to our customers, vendors, associates, and, of course, the almighty.

Integrity: Employees at Bender Lumber are expected to be of the highest character. Honest even when we need to deliver bad news.

  1. We understand that without the truth our customers will lose time and traction in scheduling. This truth allows them to level with their customers as well.
  2. Included in this core value are "Accountability" to our customers and each other, and "Owning it" when we make a mistake, and moving forward.
  3. As a consideration of our customers, we clearly communicate the cost, lead times, and restrictions about the products we sell.

Service: We are more than just a lumber yard. We are a business and our customers depend on us to deliver service. The services we offer are may and allow us to be unique and different in the marketplace.

  1. Our delivery service strives to be "on time" and "complete".
  2. Our estimating service will partner with builders and remodelers to make their job easier.
  3. Our Lumber Yards have "Drive-through" service. Lumber does not need to be double handled.
  4. Constantly training our staff, we strive to share critical information, proper product selection, and application on the items we sell.

Pride: We are proud of our great country and our company Bender Lumber, which offers us the unique ability to build a career in our chosen way.

  1. We service customers who share in the capitalism which drives our economy.
  2. We do not mind competition, which only makes us better at what we do.
  3. We are proud because this is "our" company. Bender Lumber is an "Employee Owned" company. ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). We will succeed as a team where each associate has something at stake.

Innovation: While we celebrate our past and the unique services we offer, embracing technology especially that which improves our services to our customers. We will always be on the lookout for new products that help our clients become more successful.