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At Boston Hardware & Lumber we have a vast selection of lumber.
Check out our selection below.

Untreated Lumber

1X2X8                 1X6X8                 1X8X8                 1X12X8

1X4X8                 1X6X10              1X8X10              1X12X10

1X4X12              1X6X12              1X8X12              1X12X12


2X4XSTUD CUT         2X6X8                 2X8X8                 2X12X8

2X4X8                          2X6X12              2X8X12              2X12X16

2X4X10                        2X6X16              2X8X16

2X4X12                        2X6X20




¼” BC                 3/8” CDX           7/16” OSB         ½” CDX Treated

½” BC                 ½”  CDX             ¾” OSB              ¾” CDX Treated

¾” BC                 5/8” CDX           T111 Siding

                             ¾” CDX              3/8” Rough Sawn

                                                          ¾” Advantech

Treated Lumber

1x4x8                  1x6x8                  6’ Privacy Fence Planks

1x4x12               1x6x10               8’ Privacy Fence Planks

1x4x16               1x6x12

2x4x8                  2x6x8                  2x8x12               2x10x16

2x4x10               2x6x10               2x8x16               2X12X16

2x4x12               2x6x12

2x4x16               2x6x16

4x4x8                  4x6x8                  5/4 X 10’ Deck Boards    

4x4x10               4x6x12               5/4 X 12’ Deck Boards

4x4x12               4x6x16               5/4 X 16’ Deck Boards


Step Stringers

2 Step                4 Step      

3 Step                5 Step