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Pratt and Lambert

Getting The Updated Room You Want Has Never Been Easier!

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Pratt & Lambert Paint & Primer has been professionally re-mastered to elevate your house with more hide, boosted staying power, better adhesion, and a silky finish. Available to you at Cardwell Do-it Best Home Center in Indianapolis (Indy).

This splendid palette of exquisitely crafted one-coat colors delivers noteworthy results. Its finish is highly washable, scrub-able, and stain-resistant for long-lasting durability.

Pratt & Lambert® is known for relentless aspects, incomparable performance, and exceptional color. That's why we are an exceptional choice for designers, architects, professionals and perceptive purchasers who demand the very best. Currently, we offer an ample selection of quality products, inventive color tools and accurate formulations that result in bright outcomes in any application.

Pratt & Lambert

Discover the uncompromising colors of Pratt & Lambert® Paints.

Find that unique color for your new project today!

Color makes the room, and Pratt & Lambert has the colors, advice and inspiration to color a room your way.

For the Contractor:

Pratt & Lambert Pro-Hide® Gold Interior Paint:

Pratt & Lambert® Pro-Hide® Gold Ultra Interior Paint is formulated to provide fine results and reliable performance. It's exceptional paint that will give you a flawless finish from the start, and reliable good looks that last. The best as it gets.

  • Phenomenal performance for both commercial and residential areas• Exquisite, smooth, and uniform finish
  • Long-lasting durability that stands for years on end
  • Exceptional washability for easy maintenance
  • Offers excellent hide and touch-ups
  • Can be tinted in over a thousand wonderful Pratt & Lambert® colors
  • Offers 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Available in flat, eggshell, mid-sheen, stain, and semi-gloss

Pratt & Lambert Pro-Hide® Silver 5000 Interior Paint:

Pratt & Lambert® Pro-Hide® Silver 5000 Interior Paint is a professional quality coating with good hide and outstanding touch-up. It is designed for use on interior drywall, wood, cured plaster, masonry, metal, and previously painted surfaces. Ideal for property care and commercial repaints, you can hope for strong results for both your project and your bottom line. Available in a one (1) gallon or five (5)-gallon buckets.

  • Trustworthy application, performance, and appearance
  • Splendid for walls that are painted many times
  • Excellent for property maintenance and commercial repaints
  • Aligns with MPI® Gloss levels 1, 2, and 5
  • Good hide• Magnificent touch-up
  • Effortless, uniform finish
  • Painless application
  • Fine value
  • Satisfaction guaranteed warranty

The proof is in the performance.

Visit us at Cardwell Do-it Best Home Center and get under way with the most outstanding in paint supplies and paint in the Indy area.

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