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Window Repair Services

Screen and Glass Repair at Clark Devon

Glass, plexiglass, mirror, and polycarbonate (Lexan) cut to order while you wait, screens and storms repaired and duplicated, wood sash repairs, special projects.

Screen & Window Repair

We repair and duplicate all types of screens, including patio screens with your choice of fiberglass, aluminum, or heavy duty pet screen material. Our expert craftsmen can repair and duplicate most wood or metal windows from a sample you bring in or from dimensions you provide. Old and rotted wood sash can be repaired and rejuvenated. Shop personnel can evaluate your job if you are not sure.

Triple Track Screens / Storms

The shop can repair, replace or duplicate broken or missing units from a triple track set. The shop can also provide a completely new triple track window system, including the track, if they know the size of the rough opening. A complete triple track window system has 2 storm windows and 1 screen that operate within a 3-channel track, and each is a slightly different size. Watch this video to learn how to properly measure triple track windows and screens.

Glass, Mirror, Acrylic (plexiglass)

and polycarbonate (lexan) can be cut to size while you wait and wrapped for safe transportation. Many types, colors and patterns, including clear and obscure jalousie glass, florentine, wire glass and laminate, are in stock at thicknesses starting at 1/16". In many cases we can cut down your own material for re-use. Circle glass and plexiglass by the sheet is available. We can replace broken car mirrors. Special finishing is available: swiped or polished edges, rounded corners, holes drilled. See samples at the service counter or just tell us what you need. Some special finishes are available immediately and others may require special ordering.

Thermal Pane (dual-glass) Window Repair

Thermal pane replacement units are made in our own shop. Bring the broken window in or leave it in place and just order the glass unit by providing the height, width and thickness of the glass unit inside the frame. This can be a little tricky. We can measure the glass here and give the broken window back to you so it can remain in place until the new unit is made. The finished unit can be installed in our shop or you can do it yourself. Both pieces of glass must be replaced, even if only one is broken. Call us with questions or for more information.

Custom Windows

We provide replacement window or screen panels for most styles of primary and storm windows including double hung wood sash and triple track systems. We also offer a selection of glass block windows with several block sizes, colors, patterns and vent styles.

Glass Block Windows

A wide selection of glass block windows with several block sizes, colors, patterns, and vent styles can be ordered. See the the display and size chart near the store’s front entrance.