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Credit Application

Crafty Beaver credit applications stacked
Crafty Beaver credit applications stacked

Can't make the full payment? Crafty Beaver offers credit applications!

Been contemplating starting the next substantial house renovation? Have a business and will start using our lumber, products, and services a great deal more?

Request from one of our friendly Crafty Beaver store employees for a charge application or download the applications below. We will get the process going on your application once we receive it.

We service tons of business owners; handyman, contractors, construction, and independent laborers alike. We also can help the individual homeowner who has a huge job at hand or is taking on a fixer-upper home.

Crafty Beaver wants to provide you with the finest service. Download our credit application for business or individual accounts. Stopover in Chicago and Skokie at Crafty Beaver at your earliest convenience or email your application to!