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About Dominics Hardware and Supply

About Dominics Hardware and Supply

Jim and Lynn Dominic are both from Northern New York.  They have been married since September 1994 and have two children, a son, Dustin and a daughter, Emma.

Years ago, if you would have asked the Dominics what they would be doing for work, it would not have been owning their own business.

They both worked at a pharmaceutical company together on a weekend shift where they were allowed to spend four days a week with their children - and loved every minute of it.  In the fall of 2005, they learned that their employer was going to be closing its doors over the next few years. So the Dominics decided that Jim would start looking elsewhere for employment right away and Lynn would hold on there. 

After Jim had interviewed a few places, he told Lynn he was not finding anything he could see himself happy doing.  A few days later during another discussion of what they were going to do (since they did not want to relocate out of the area), Jim mentioned he heard a local hardware store was looking to sell out. Lynn just about fell over when he asked her to think about them owning their own hardware store! 

This hardware store had been in Ellenburg for a very long time, it had a great customer base, and an awesome reputation with the local area.  After a few weeks of debate, they realized they wanted this opportunity. It meant working side by side with each other and being able to be with their kids on a daily basis. This was a chance of a lifetime. 

By June of 2006 they had opened the doors to their own store. Jim and Lynn - along with Jim's parents, Lynn's parents and one employee, Bruce Guay, who had been with the two previous employers for over 30 years - started their new business.  They worked hard at trying to bring more merchandise in every week to draw more customers to the store.  They listened to what customers were asking for and as each month passed, the business was picking up more customers every day. They even began making improvements to the store immediately to make more room for more merchandise.  What they didn't realize at the time was that they would be hit by a devastating fire on the afternoon of January 20, 2009 that destroyed the business. 

They lost everything in the store; luckily everyone escaped the fire without injury. 

But by the next morning they had their minds made up: they were going to rebuild. Customers and the local community members pledged their support, telling them that they had to rebuild. Everyone in the community was so great during this time.  With the help of family, local community members and customers, Jim lined up trailers to house their merchandise, found an office building for a store, and got the propane fill station back up and running to make sure customers had heat for their homes. They were receiving deliveries by the following week, filling up all the buildings they had available. 

The Dominics started looking into where and how fast they could build a new store, while still running the makeshift store. Within a couple of months, they had found a new location located on Route 11 next to another well-known business, Phil's Chevrolet.  After working out the details with the owner of Phil's Chevrolet they were on their way to building their new  hardware store. 

With hard work on everyone's part, the Dominics settled into their new store by September of 2009 and they opened their doors by the end of the month to their new store. 

With friendly, personal customer service, local ownership and employees, and a great selection of merchandise, Dominics strives to be the best local hardware store near you! 

Dominics' Hardware & Supply serves the entire northeast New York region, including Churubusco, Ellenburg Center, Woods Falls, Mooers, Chateaugay, Champlain, and all of Clinton County.