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Self Serve Dog Wash

Give Your Dog a Wash Today

At Gladieux Home Center our Self-Serve Dog Wash is an easy convenient way to wash your dog in our state-of-the-art stainless steel wash tubs. All of our premier soap products are plant-based and hypoallergenic. Our soaps are made with the highest quality pet-friendly ingredients, designed to keep them smelling great, looking fluffy, and feeling like the top dog! The best part? No appointment needed! Simply pay by means of cash, credit card, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay. At $12 you are given 10 minutes, with the ability to add additional time for $1 per minute. If paying via credit card, $4 for 5 additional minutes is also available.

How it Works

Get Ready

Get Set

Get Clean

When you arrive, feel free to ask for directions to the dog wash station, we'll be happy to assist.

No need to bring anything! The self-wash station has shampoo, conditioner, flea and tick wash, a 2-stage dryer, and towels.

Simply wash, then dry and go! The self serve station is that easy.

Dog Wash Rules

  • Please limit your use to 2 towels.
  • NO skunk dogs, flea dogs, or grooming inside dog wash.
  • Please keep pet on leash until in the gated wash bay.
  • Place used towels in hamper.
  • Please be courteous!

Want to get the most out of the self-serve station? Here are some tips!

  • Brush your dog thoroughly before bath time: Doing so will help remove loose dirt and hair, making the bath more effective.
  • Secure your dog to the tub: This is a good time to give your dog a treat, so they begin to associate bath time with something positive.
  • Be careful not to get water in your dog's ears: Water in the ears can be irritating, try to keep them dry.
  • Wash your dog from neck down: This will help ensure you don't get water or shampoo in their eyes. Use special wipes designed for cleaning the ears and around the eyes.
  • Go slowly with the blow dryer: Keep in mind that some dogs are sensitive to the noise of a blow dryer, so you may need to gradually introduce it. Turn the dryer on and give a treat, but don't hesitate to switch to a towel if your dog seems overly stressed.