Bosch Laser Distance Measurers

Showing a close-up of a Bosch laser distance measurer

Throughout the years, we've had four basic problems with tape measures:

  1. They're heavy in your toolbelt, or make your pants sag when you clip them to your pocket. Worse yet, the sturdier they are (or more distance you need to measure), the bulkier and heavier they get!
  2. It's incredibly difficult to measure distances by yourself (unless it's laying on the ground on a clear, flat surface).
  3. Unless your measurement happens to fall exactly on a big clear inch line, it's really easy to misread all those little hashmarks.
  4. The rewind mechanisms can fail, or - worse yet - give you a nasty welt from an unregulated rapid recoil.

Why do we love Bosch Laser Distance Measurers?

Person holding a Bosch laser distance measurer to measure a distance
  1. Weighing just 3 or 4 oz., Bosch Laser Distance Measurers are super-lightweight. Plus, they fit in the palm of your hand - even when you need to measure huge distances of 100 feet or more!
  2. Unlike tape measures that break rigidity and fold to the ground after being extended, the Bosch lasers stay straight and true. Plus, no one needs to be on the other side holding the end while you shout, "No, hold it to the OUTSIDE of the stud!"
  3. The old adage "Measure twice, cut once" is necessary because it's so easy to mis-read a measurement or to forget what it was by the time you get to the saw. With Bosch Laser Distance Measurers, there's no mis-reading the distance. And if you press the button again, it'll hold the measurement so you don't even need to remember what it was.
  4. Lastly, a Bosch Laser Distance Measurer will never give you a snap-back injury!
Man kneeling on the ground using a Bosch laser distance measurer to measure the distance of tiles in a bathroom

Bosch Laser Distance Measurers have backlit screens, one-button operation, and run on two AAA batteries. They're small and lightweight, simple to use, and reliably accurate. The measurement is taken from the rear edge of the tool. Simply put it against the starting point, and end it at the finishing point, and press the button! What could be easier?


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