10 Easy Ways to Stay Active with Your Dog

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Are you looking for better ways to stay healthy and active during the winter months? Do you want to know how you can help your dog burn extra energy as well? The cold season might tempt you to cuddle indoors with your dog and shy away from the outdoors. But that isn't a good idea! Just because it's snowing outside doesn't mean that your puppy should stop enjoying their evening walks.

Your pup might seem comfortable with sleeping near the fireplace the whole day, like a hibernating animal, but he would rather be happily playing around with you in the house or enjoying a walk outside. Remember, with fewer activities in winter and his diet remaining the same, your dog might end up gaining winter weight.

So if you own an active dog like a Border Collie, you shouldn't switch his meal just because it's winter and allow him to sleep around. You should give him a healthy diet suitable for Border Collies and make sure he remains active for the three winter months. So, here are numerous easy ways you can stay healthy and active with your pooch all winter.

1. Play Fetch Indoors

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You can play fetch with your pup along a hallway or open basement. Playing fetch with your dog's favorite toy will help make sure your dog gets a needed workout to stay fit and healthy.

2. Take Your Dog for a Walk

A woman and here dog, one mature woman only, Montreal, Canada

If your puppy doesn't mind the snow, you can take them for a walk in the snow. Just make sure your dog is dressed warmly with some cute booties to protect their paws from frostbite or injuries. Sidewalks are typically treated with chemicals or salts that can be quite harmful to your dog. So make sure you rinse the booties as soon as you get back indoors. Remember, your dog must always be on a leash whether you are walking on snow or not.

3. Play Tug-of-War

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A simple tug-of-war game can help you two remain active throughout the entire winter. And the good thing about this game is that it doesn't require much space. Plus, it can help you burn some calories! You can also pull a stuffed toy over the floor to help your dog activate their prey chasing mode.

4. Climb Stairs with Your Dog

Small cute dog runs out of a wooden staircase - Jack Russell Terrier male 3 years old

If your pup is healthy, young, and without hip problems, you can throw a toy or ball at the top of your carpeted stairs and let them fetch it. This unique aerobic game of fetch can help your dog keep fit, but make sure you don't overdo it.

5. Utilize a Treadmill

Dog walking on a treadmill because he cannot go outside due to coronavirus quarantine

Human or dog treadmills can come in handy in winters. You can start walking your puppy slowly on a leash with some treats to keep them motivated. Then increase the speed gradually as the dog gets comfortable with the treadmill. But make sure you stay with him while training and never tether him to your treadmill.

6. Take Your Dog Skijoring

Woman and Golden Retriever Skijoring on Groomed Ski Trail

If your energetic dog loves the snow, then you can try skijoring. Skijoring involves you having your pup pull you through the snow while you are wearing skis. Skijoring is a fun way to help your dog burn some calories.

7. Practice Some New Tricks Indoors

Smiling woman rewarding dog for trick

You can reinforce some existing commands or tricks that need work or teach them some new tricks. If your furry pal knows the basic tricks, you can teach them a few things to help around the house, such as putting his toys in the basket.

8. Go for a Snow Hike

Hiker woman with dog climbs through snowy forest mountains

Head out to a wooded place after it has snowed and hike with your furry pal. Wooded areas or mountainous regions are usually beautiful and relaxing in winter. You can try some off-leash hiking in places where your dog won't meet many people. Hiking can help you stay active and physically fit in winter as well.

9. Have a Snowball Fight or Go Sledding

Dog sledging happy boy on slippery downhill toboggan

Have your dog join you and your kids for some childhood snow games like snowball fighting and sledding. These games can help keep the entire family active while giving the dog their daily workout.

10. Sign Your Dog up for Classes

Line of purebred dogs in obiedience class

Sign up for training or obedience classes with your dog or even try Doga (dog yoga), flyball, or indoor agility. Getting out of the house and socializing can be good for you two. Indoor agility will help you two burn calories, while Doga can help your dog stretch.

The coming cold winter months can be harsh on our canine pals. Most of them will be forced to stay indoors and spend a considerable percentage of their time napping. Plus, being inactive in winter can result in your dog gaining weight. Instead of cuddling up near the fireplace with your canine pal, stay active and healthy by trying some of the above methods!

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