How to Remove Pet Hair from Your Home

a brown puppy dog sleeping on a carpet

Does your pets’ shedding make you want to pull your hair out? As animal lovers, we treat our pets like family and with that comes a home full of pet hair on the floors, furniture, and clothing. Although we can’t imagine our lives without our furry friends, we CAN imagine our homes without their fur.

What is the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair?

There's a lot to consider when buying a vacuum to handle pet hair, like how big your home is and what type of flooring surfaces are in your home.

In general, specialized pet vacuums have more powerful suctions, better filtration systems, and attachments and accessories specially designed to tackle pet hair in the toughest areas. Check out the top picks for the best vacuum for pet hair.

Don’t let the pet hair take over your home anymore! Keep this in mind to ensure your pet hair is under control and kept at a very minimum. Next time, when it’s time to clean, you’ll feel confident you’ll win the battle versus pet hair!

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