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Freeze Dryers

Freeze Dryers

Grabill Hardware Do It Best is a Harvest Right Reseller for freeze dryers and accessories.  We carry the medium sized freeze dryers with availability to the small, large and extra large dryers.  We also carry oxygen absorbers, mylar bags, and vacuum pump oil designed for the premier pump.

Freeze drying is the new best way to preserve fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy, eggs, ice cream, garden produce, leftovers, pet food, and more.  Unlike normal preservation, the color, texture, and taste of freeze-dried food is maintained through the extent of the food’s freeze-dried state and retains 97% of it's nutritional value.  Food that is freeze dried will last up to 25 years and is perfect for home food storage.  It's great for people who want a healthy lifestyle, who love the outdoors (backpackers, hunters, campers, etc.), gardeners, and those who want to be prepared for an emergency.

There are several reasons why you should buy from us at Grabill Hardware Do It Best.  Come in and talk to our knowledgeable staff to learn why freeze drying is the best option for preserving your food as well as the advantages of getting your freeze dryer from us.

Pricing for Freeze Dryers are as follows:

Small Freeze Dryers (Black only):  $2,295.00

Medium Freeze Dryers (Black or White):  $2,695.00  (Usually stocked in store, check for availability)

Large Freeze Dryers (Black or White):  $3,395.00  (Black usually stocked in store, check for availability) 

We can also give you some tips, tricks, and great ideas to get the best results and the most out of your freeze dryer.