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About Us

Greener's Budget Lumber - About Us

Greener's Budget Lumber is a family owned and operated business established by Larry Greener in Barron,Wisconsin, February of 1977. Not your normal big chain yard, Greener's offers a smaller, more personalized service aimed at pleasing the customers.

After 11 years of success, Larry Greener purchased the Birchwood Building Center in Birchwood, Wisconsin. It opened in January of 1988 as an expansion store in the resort area of Birchwood, Wisconsin. Managing the Birchwood yard is Charles Alton, who has been with the company almost since the beginning as the assistant manager of the Barron yard.

In the fall of 1995 we were the first yard in the area to offer a computerized drawing (CAD) service. This gave us the ability to provide our customers with realistic 3D drawing that allow you to see an actual picture of your house before you ever break ground. Along with this we later purchased state of the art software that allows us to do the same thing with kitchen design, and post frame design. More information can be found on our services section.

2002 saw the addition of our first boom truck. This let us offer our customers enhanced delivery services. Shingles can be lifted right to the roof, sheetrock to a second story window, and many other possibilities. Unlike some of the "big box" stores we don't not charge extra for this service.

In 2005 the Birchwood yard underwent a major renovation. Adding 2720 square feet of show room space, which more then doubled the size of the existing building. The exterior was upgraded to all the latest in fiber cement sidings, composite trims, and cultured stone. With the vast array of products available, having some where to show case them is essential.

In 2008 we added the ability for customers to shop online. Order from over 65,000 items from our partner, Doit Best Hardware. Items can be shipped directly to your home or have them shipped to our store to avoid paying any shipping costs.

December 1st 2014, after 37 year of business, the Barron location will be closing. This decision was made because Larry Greener will also me semi retiring at that time, Larry is the founder and owner of Greener's Budget Lumber. It has been a privilege to be part of the Barron community and we appreciate the business of or customers over the years.

Larry will be working part time at the Birchwood location and can be contacted there. Your business has been greatly appreciated over the past 37 years and will keep bringing you quality service in the future from our Birchwood store. We will still be servicing the Barron area from our Birchwood store, all current customers accounts will remain just as they are.

Because of the closing of the Barron retail yard we will also be offering a new service in Barron, public storage. We will be offering year round indoor, covered roof, and outside storage. So if you need to store your RV, Boat, Snowmobiles, Trailers, or anything please contact us.

Chuck Alton Retired at the end of 2014. Chuck has been with Greener's Budget Lumber since 1977 and has been the manager of the Birchwood location since it opened in 1988. Chuck has been a key employee of Greener's Budget Lumber and he will be missed. We wish him the best on his well deserved retirement.

We are continually growing and expanding our services to keep up with the building industry and to provide the best possible service to our customers. Please look at the following pages to see if there is something we can do for you. We pride ourselves in offering personalized service that you won't get at a "big box" store. You will always see the same faces every time you stop in, and if you call a person will answer the phone.