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About Us

About Us

Hacienda Home Centers was founded in 1975 in Espanola, New Mexico by brothers Felix and Robert Sanchez. To be joined soon after by their younger brother Leroy Sanchez. The brothers, all with backgrounds and a passion for the hardware and building material industry left their comfortable jobs and chose to set off on expanding on this new endeavor. In addition to the three brothers other friends and colleagues’ in the industry decided to give this new company a chance and brought their experience and dedication to the effort. Living in trailers close to the new store they put in long hours and sacrificed comfort to follow their dream. 

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With a little luck and a lot of hard work the company prospered and expanded to six locations. The company and its stores have become an important part the communities in which they’ve done business and has employed hundreds of New Mexicans over the many years’ of operations. Always a community minded company Hacienda supported many community organizations and continues to support many more.

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For many people Hacienda was a first job for others it was the store your dad took you to as a child. Hacienda in one way or another gives all New Mexicans a familiar warm feeling of helpfulness and familiar faces. And who of course could forget the jingle: “Hacienda Home Centers and YOU!” which ran on radio and television for much of the 80’s and 90’s.

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Though all the years of changes in the industry and increasing competition from out of state corporations Hacienda has remained strong always sticking to its core principles pay as you go and treat others the way you expect to be treated. With the expansion of Big Box retailers moving in to a number of Haciendas markets it was decided to focus on stores which were less pressured and could focus on delivering on our customers’ expectations.

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 In 1998 Hacienda joined Do it Best corporation. Do it Best is the leading member owned hardware and Building materials buying cooperative in the world. This partnership has given Hacienda the ability to compete in and ever-changing and competitive marketplace. With over 3,700 members Do it Best gives Hacienda the buying power to compete with national chain stores. Hacienda continues to pursue new opportunities to grow and give our employees ways to grow with us. Hacienda has a successful government sales program and contractor sales department which continue to evolve. Under the direction of a new president and son of founding Brother Felix Sanchez, Gary Sanchez continues to innovate and modernize the company’s operations while staying keenly focused on the core principals which made us who we are today.

What sets Hacienda apart from the competition: