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Hometown Hardware - Pinestraw

If you enjoy yard work, you probably already know how to take care of your yard or garden. But, did you know of the many uses and benefits of using pine straw in your yard and garden?

Pine straw is a natural product that decomposes and makes a great fertilizer for plants and shrubs. Placing pine straw 3 inches deep on the ground will also effectively help control weeds. It is also insect and rodent free and adheres well to slopes and will not wash away during heavy rain. Pine straw helps protect your trees, plants, yards, and gardens from the cold in the winter months. Placing pine straw around the base of your trees and plants with about a 2 foot diameter and at least 3 inches thick will help protect the root system in the winter months.

Hometown Hardware carries double rolls of long leaf pine straw.

Current Pricing

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Single Bale: $12.95  

12-24 Bales: $10.95

25+ Bales: $10.00