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Why Choose Honor and Onekama Building Supply?

Question: Can local Northern Michigan lumberyards like Honor, and Onekama Building Supply really meet my needs?

Answer: You bet we can! We work with some of the best custom builders in the area, and we are able to more than meet their needs. Bigger isn't always better, especially when it comes to customer service. Local service makes a huge difference. We believe in and stand behind the quality products we sell. Our friendly and hard working delivery people stand ready to get your materials to you when you need them. We will save you time which will save you money!

Question: Can you really compete with the Boxes?

Answer: Truthfully, yes, we can! Especially when you look at the project as a whole. While the big boxes can have great pricing on selected items, when your project is priced as a package we are very competitive. We will make sure you have enough of the right, quality materials when you need them to successfully complete your project. Throw in reasonable local delivery, a sales staff with nearly 300 years combined experience in the building industry, and not having to spend all that money on gas...well you get the idea. So, please don't just look at one price, give us a shot at your entire project. Estimates are FREE! We promise we are worth a look!

Question: You keep talking about quality building materials, but come on a 2x4 is a 2x4, right?

Answer: Well, not exactly. There are huge differences in the quality of lumber, plywood, roofing decking, cabinetry, millwork, and other building materials available. Unless you understand those differences it can be hard to really compare “apples to apples” when pricing a project. We have been helping folks in Northern Michigan with their building projects since 1963. We know what products work well in our unique climate and which ones don’t. Let us explain the differences. A cheaper product that doesn’t perform the way you expect it too isn’t a good value at all, is it? Our knowledgeable salespeople will help you select products that will give you the best results, for the best value.

Question: Does buying local really make a difference?

Answer: We think so. We are proud to call Northern Michigan home. We love serving our neighbors and friends! We work hard to keep the money spent with us working in Northern Michigan. Whether it’s supporting Habitat for Humanity, the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life, donations to the local schools, service projects, local festivals, sponsoring kid’s baseball teams, or supporting the local Scout groups, we love doing our part in supporting our local community! Our families live, work, and play here, it is our home. We love our home!